Pletené čepice, čelenky, šály i pro reklamní účely Kojenecké oblečení Dětské oblečení Župany pro dospělé Župany pro děti Sportovní kolekce, froté čelenky, potítka, trička, polokošile

Products for adults for leisure activities and sport

We offer knitted accessories, mainly hats,scarfs and headbands.

This range except products from different types of knitwear, can be made on Japanese knitting machines SHIMA SEIK division 8 from ACRYL and appropriate polyamide.  We use special technology when washing and drying to add a comfortable look and feel to it. We can also add a suitable logo or another application to these products.

Hotel and catering clothes range

We recently included various products suitable for hotels and catering services into our production programme. We also offer very high quality bathrobes, in a choice of materials(froté 100% cotton,"teddy bear" 100% polyester), as well as chair covers,tablecloths,towels,aprons...